First action in MEG

In June 2016 we came together in Shillong to create a plan for this project. This was the beginning of the activities to work in and for Meghalaya.


In August the first step was done: The handweaver Andreas Möller from Hamburg started the training to build a Flying8 loom. It took place in Umden (Ri-Bhoi-District). The group of the trainees was very well selected. Weavers, weaving teachers and carpenters were cooperating well in building the first Flying8 loom in Asia. After four days of building the Flying8 loom was 100% ready to weave.




During the training representatives from the Government came to visit the workshop: Mrs D. Tariang District Handloom Officer and Mr. Diengdoh Deputy Director Handloom (Department of Sericulture and Weaving - Government of Meghalaya). They were expressing their positive surprise and appreciation about the new Flying8 loom.


The second training with Andreas will take place in January/February 2017, in Umden again.

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